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Sanction Activity - Seminars


1.  Write a formal letter addressed to Arnis Philippines Inc., requesting for permission to hold an Arnis

      Philippines sanctioned activity three (3) months before the schedule. 

       Letter must include the following :  

       1.a  Description of the project

       1.b  Purpose of organizer


2.   Must provide transportation, food and a place to stay for three (2) technical officials that will

      oversee/conduct depending on the activity.


3.   Must have the minimum of Twenty (20) participants.


4.     Must allow only members to officiate and participate in said activity as this will be recorded in our database for use in the rank promotion.


5.                 Must use the  i_arnis International Rules for Sports Arnis


5.                 Registration and membership fees must deposit to ARPI bank account


                   i-ARNIS Fundamental Course = P 1,500.00

                   Referees and Judges Accreditation Seminar = P2,700.00

                   Guro Seminar = P2,500.00

                  Membership fee (please refer to website)


       Arnis Philippines Inc.
      Peso Account Number: 6871-0008-06
      BPI  Family Savings Bank - E. Rodriguez-Broadway
      E. Rodriguez Avenue, New Manila, Quezon City 1112 Metro Manila, Philippines

      *Please present your deposit slip (or scan email) for issuance of receipt.



6.                  Must  submit  daily written report of the results of activity using the Arpi format on or before a   

        week after the activity.


7.    Must attach action pictures of daily activities with descriptions together with the daily written  



8.     Must secure certification (completion, attendance, proficiency and appreciation) from i-ARNIS/ARPI    

        Head Office to all participants, technical officials and sponsors.


9.      Must wait for official reply from ARPI before doing  any action related to the  project