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Arnis National Encounter is an annual event hosted by ARPI since 1986. It aims to provide a competition designed where the best Arnisadors from the different clubs all over the Philippines can compete and have the chance to become a member of the Philippine National Team. It also encourages camaraderie through friendly competitions. Medalist of the ARNIS NATIONAL ENCOUNTERs may be promoted to the iARNIS rank of Black Belt 1ST Degree for Gold medalist and Brown for Silver and Bronze Medals. Likewise, all previous Arnis National Encounter Medalists since 1986 are included.

Encounter 2016 will be held this Dec 1-4, 2016 at PhilSports Arena, PhilSports Complex (ULTRA), Pasig City.



Batang Pinoy 2016 Schedule



Arnis Tournament in Batang Pinoy is an open national Tournament program designed for in-school and out-of-school children ages 13-17 years old. And gives the opportunity to develop basic athletic skills required for making of a sports champion from the grass roots levels. 
Representation is strictly by Local Government Unit (LGU). This may be in the form of provincial, city, municipality and barangay representation. No athlete shall be accepted without accreditation of a particular LGU Batang Pinoy is also open to all Filipino whether by birth or naturalized. Foreign-Pinoy may also join provided he/she represents a particular LGU. Batang Pinoy web page.


We Hope to see you avid arnisadors there! Pugay!

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